What we do

On behalf of buyers, we evolve the systemic health of major building materials via:

  • transparent data

  • industry signaling

  • JOB SITE piloting

  • standardization



BUILDING PRODUCT ECOSYSTEMS (BPE) was founded by Amanda Kaminsky and The Durst Organization in 2014 as a public-private partnership with The New School, City University of New York, Healthy Building Network, and Vidaris. BPE has since grown into an independent LLC, collaborating with diverse partners on innovative industry improvements. 


Our Collaboratives

GLASS in concrete

We are piloting diversion of regional post-consumer recycled glass into glass pozzolan, to be used as a replacement of cement in concrete.

We are piloting source separation and closed-loop recycling of gypsum drywall scrap back into new gypsum wallboard.

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