Building Product Ecosystems

A Collaborative for Optimizing Health


Building Product Ecosystems is a collaboration initiated by The Durst Organization, in partnership with The New School and The City University of New York, to optimize the health and transparency of construction product ecosystems through material research and innovation, process improvements, policy/code evolution, and accessible education.

Founding Partners

Advising Partners


Building Products Ecosystems Diagram

What is an Ecosystem?

A community of living organisms interacting as a system with the nonliving components of their environment, through balanced nutrient cycles and energy flows that sustain social and economic needs, without creation of negative externalities.

The Building Product Ecosystem is made up of all stakeholders engaged with the built environment. The collaborative provides a platform for open discussion and problem-solving between entities who normally work in a siloed capacity.

Current Issues

As an initial undertaking, the Building Product Ecosystem participants are engaging in transparent discourse around the following topics. The partnership between academia and industry allows for impartial research, academic scholarship, and proactive assessment of building product health for real-world implementation.


Building Products Ecosystems Timeline

Building Product Ecosystems participants will work through parallel methodologies (as outlined above) to achieve project-based change.

Project-Based Change: Utilization of active building projects as testing ground for both

  1. 1) identifiying real challenges requiring resolution
  2. 2) pragmatic integration and application of the learnings and stimulus of the Working Group, and Academic Curriculum, Research, and Innovation.