Northeast Recycling Council Publishes MRF Glass Survey Report

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has published the results of its “Northeast MRF Glass Survey.”

The report has highlighted the following key findings, based on the 49% of the MRFs in the NERC region that responded to the survey:

  • 54% of the reported glass tonnage from Northeast MRFs is sent to glass processors to be cleaned.

  • 0.02% of the reported MRF glass tonnage is sent directly to a glass container manufacturer.

  • 0% of MRF glass is sent to fiberglass manufacturers.

  • 5% of MRF glass is used for aggregate, 2.70% as roadbase aggregate, and 0.01% for other beneficial use.

  • 38.27% of MRF glass is used at landfills – for alternative daily cover (23.50%), trash (14.65%), and roadbase or fill (0.12%).

  • 67% of the MRF respondents have not upgraded their facilities in the past three years.

  • 65% of the MRFs do no additional cleaning of glass at their facilities.

  • Only six of the respondent MRFs have a total percentage of Non-Glass Residuals & Fines of 10% or less.

  • Five of these serve communities with either curbside separation of glass or dual stream recycling programs. From the perspective of the MRFs, the primary issues with recycled glass are wear and tear on equipment, lack of markets, contamination, and cost.

Read the full report here.