Greenbuild Session: The New Era of Construction Waste Management

Greenbuild 2018 will host a session on sustainable construction waste management on November 16, in Chicago, IL. The session will “dive deep into recycling realities, third party certifications, target materials like gypsum from wallboard, the significance of alternative daily cover, and other implications from LEEDv4.”

Here are the learning objectives from this session:

  • Upon completion, participants will understand the evolution from LEEDv2009 to LEEDv4 Construction & Demolition Waste Management credits and how to overcome new challenges to earn points in LEEDv4.

  • Upon completion, participants will learn different strategies to set up successful construction waste site segregation on busy projects with limited space.

  • Upon completion, participants will realize what design and construction elements are required to attain a low waste intensity in pursuit of 2.5 lbs/sf, a new Construction & Demolition Waste Management credit option in LEEDv4 BD+C and ID+C.

  • Upon completion, participants will gain insight into the reality of waste infrastructure transparency, sorting facility methodology and how to utilize 3rd party certification to verify accuracy, earning a LEED point via Pilot Credit MRpc87.

More details on the session here.

Image via Green Building Law Update.