EPA Publishes Summary on "Life Cycle Approaches to Building Materials" Forum

The US EPA has just published a summary on the two-and-a-half-day Forum on Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainably Manage Materials in Building and Infrastructure Projects.

BPE Founder Amanda Kaminsky participated in the Forum along other experts from industry and government.

The Forum's purpose was to:

• Establish a common understanding of what it means to apply life-cycle approaches such as design for adaptability, recycling, and disassembly; materials reuse; and life-cycle impact analysis to sustainably manage materials in building and infrastructure projects.

• Discuss key challenges and opportunities to expand the use of life-cycle thinking to achieve sustainable materials management (SMM) goals in the built environment – from project design and construction to end-of-life management and next-life markets.

• Identify potential solutions and next steps for a variety of stakeholders to advance this work across the public and private sectors.