High Demand for Fly Ash can Impact the Value Chain

In the article published in "Ash at Work", Dr. Vassiem Sheikh highlights the impacts of the high demand for fly ash in prices, as well as the opening up of opportunities for the use of replacements such as pozzolans.

60% of the world’s fly ash is generated in India and China. In Europe and the United States, fly ash production is being affected by the closure of many coal-fueled power plants. (...) There are two ways of compensating for this shortage—by recovering fly ash from stockpiles/landfills, or by importing fly ash from other countries -India and China- where it is available. However, there are security-of-supply, and economic factors to consider, such as freight rates. The overall shortage of fly ash in some markets has also opened up new opportunities for the use of pozzolans as a direct replacement for fly ash.

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Image via Wikipedia Commons.